The Icelandic Securities Depository ltd. (ISD) was established in June 1997 by all the market participants and is the only central depository in Iceland. The ISD received its operating licence from the Ministry of Commerce on June 9th, 2000 and commenced operation on June 14th. 2000 with electronic registration of shares in Össur hf. in the depository.
On April 30 2015 the name was changed to Nasdaq CSD Iceland hf.

General Structure
The Icelandic Securities Depository is a registry, a depository and a clearing house for the settlement of securities in dematerialised form. The ISD system will settle trades in dematerialized form and hold securities, equities and debt instruments in book entry form. All holdings will be in the name of the beneficial owner. All members of the ISD can be connected directly to the system, but only specific members can do transfers within the system.
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