Bond transactions settle (payment in full) on a T+2 basis (i.e. two business days after the trade date) but deferred settlement can be arranged on request.
International settlement of Icelandic Treasury bonds on Clearstream is now available, for details see pdf files from Clearstream Banking on the left.
  • Icelandic Nominal Treasury bonds, Inflation-linked Treasury bonds and Treasury bills are issued by the GDM and registered with the Icelandic Securities Depository (ISD).
  • HFF bonds are issued at Euroclear and can be settled directly in Euroclear.

Investors have access to custody services offered by all major banks in Iceland. The service includes regular statement of holdings and portfolio movements, monitoring of domestic and foreign securities (i.e. dividends, bonus shares, mergers, interest payments and redemptions), etc.

Below is a list of Icelandic banks and contacts within their custody departments.
Steinar Geir Agnarsson
Tel: (+354) 440-4119
Guðmundur Steinn Sigurðsson 
Tel: (+354) 440-4148
Arion Bank
Björn Árnason
(+354) 528 2826
Þóra Björk Smith
(+354) 528 2897
Custody Services
Arna Hrönn Pálsdóttir
(+354) 410 7986
Clearing and Settlement
Steinar Arason
(+354) 410 7998
Helena Þórarinsdóttir
(+354) 575 3928
Rakel Ósk Jensdóttir
(+354) 575 3927


When is the currency market in Iceland open?
The currency market in Iceland is open from 9:15 to 16:00 GMT on business days.

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