Inflation-linked Treasury Bonds are long-term bonds with annual interest payment with inflation-calculated principal payable at maturity.  Treasury Bonds are inflation-linked using the Consumer Price Index.
Inflation-linked Treasury Bonds were first issued in 1964 and were referred to as 'Savings Bonds', indicating their role to promote savings among the general population. Currently, there are three Inflation-linked Treasury Bonds outstanding. The series are RIKS 21 0414, first auctioned on April 9th 2010, RIKS 30 0701 issued in July 2011, and  RIKS 33 0321 issued in March 2012, not yet a benchmark series. 
Since HFF-Bonds are government-backed securities issued in large series they have assumed the role of inflation-linked benchmarks.
Series listed on NASDAQ Iceland exchange can be seen here:
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