Icelandic Government bonds can be purchased from Primary dealers. They also provide custody services including regular statements of holdings and portfolio movements, monitoring of domestic and foreign securities (i.e. dividends, bonus shares, mergers, interest payments and redemptions), etc.

Below is a list of Primary dealers and their contact information:



Ingvar Arnarson
Capital Markets
Tel: (+354)440-3897
Lárus Bollason
Capital Markets
Tel: (+354)440-4677

Landsbankinn hf.    


Kristján Ágústsson
Fixed Income Sales
(+354) 410 7334
Gunnar S. Tryggvason
Fixed Income Broker
(+354) 410 6709

Institutional investors:  
Birgir Guðfinnsson
Fixed Income Sales
(+354) 444 7310
Garðar Karl Ólafsson
Capital Markets, Fixed Income Sales
(+354) 444 7335
(+354) 856 7335 

Kvika bank     


Ólafur Bjarki Ágústsson
Fixed Income Sales
(+354) 540 3252
Bjarni Eyvinds 
Capital Markets
(+354) 540 3212