The establishment of the portal www.bonds.is on 30 April 2001 has aim of raising the profile of the Icelandic Bond Market and the awareness of the Icelandic Economy.

The project was established in light of increased interest from foreign investors and researchers. Behind the project are the two largest issuers in the Government backed bond market, i.e. the Government Debt Management  and the Housing Financing Fund, and all Primary dealers, i.e. Islandsbanki, Arion Bank, Landsbankinn, and Kvika Bank. Other partners are Nasdaq Iceland exchange and Nasdaq DSD Iceland.

The objectives of the project are to:
  • Ensure that all relevant information on the Icelandic Bond market is available in English for foreign investors.
  • Provide foreign investors easy access to up-to-date information on the Icelandic market.
  • Strengthen information sources for foreign investors.
  • Increase knowledge about the Icelandic Bond market.
  • Increase participation of foreign investors in the Icelandic Bond market.

This website is hosted and maintained by the Government Debt Management, Central Bank of Iceland.

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RIKV 17 081599.723.82%
RIKV 17 111598.604.35%
RIKV 17 1215 98.234.38%
RIKV 18 011597.864.41%
RIKB 19 0226106.014.74%
RIKB 20 0205103.204.87%
RIKB 22 1026111.304.77%
RIKB 25 0612120.604.80%
RIKB 28 1115 101.504.82%
RIKB 31 0124116.204.84%
RIKS 21 0414104.552.51%
RIKS 30 0701113.852.02%

CPI Change

Current Value443.00
12 Months Change*1.54%
3 Months Change*2.85%
Last Month Change0.00%
Daily CPI443.00

* Annualized rates