Economic Snapshot

The main economic indicators and their development over the last few years are published by Statistics Iceland among others. This website makes an effort to monitor and publish in real time economic statistics as they become available.

  • An up-to-date list of the series monitored can be found in the section ‘statistics’ by clicking on the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  • The event calendar also captures information on what, happened and when! This can be useful resource to realize what is ahead on a given day and indeed to look back and see what statistics/events happened in the past.

The links below will take you to other content providers that offer useful information on economic statistics.

Yield Curve

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RIKV 17 111599.324.48%
RIKV 17 1215 98.944.56%
RIKV 18 011598.544.60%
RIKV 18 0215 98.164.60%
RIKV 18 0315 0.000.00%
RIKB 19 0226105.104.94%
RIKB 20 0205102.185.24%
RIKB 22 1026108.305.34%
RIKB 25 0612115.755.44%
RIKB 28 1115 95.705.52%
RIKB 31 0124108.805.54%
RIKS 21 0414104.982.32%
RIKS 30 0701112.602.11%

CPI Change

Current Value444.00
12 Months Change*1.74%
3 Months Change*0.91%
Last Month Change0.25%
Daily CPI444.00

* Annualized rates