Mar 26 2018
Consumer Price Index in March 2018

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) based on prices in March 2018 is 452.0 points (May 1988=100), 0.56% higher than in the previous month. The CPI less housing cost is 388.1 points, 0.36% higher than in February 2018.
Winter sales have come to an end causing an increase in prices of clothing and footwear by 4.4% (effect on the index 0.15%). Cost of owner occupied housing (imputed rent) rose by 1.4% (0.29%).
The CPI is 2.8% higher in March 2018 than in March 2017 while the CPI less housing cost is 0.3% lower than one year ago.
The CPI compiled in the middle of March 2018, 452.0 points, is applicable for indexation purposes in May 2018. The old credit terms index for May 2018 is 8,925 points.

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Results of additional issuance of Treasury bonds RIKB 28 1115

As stated in paragraph 5 of Terms of Invitation to Tender for Treasury bonds, the Government Debt Management offered the equivalent of 10% of the nominal value sold in the auction 10 May, at the price of accepted bids. This time Primary Dealers did not exercise their right to purchase in RIKB 28 1115. Total outstanding nominal value of RIKB 28 1115 is now 59,751,601,519 kr. Settlement date is 15 May 2019.